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Our vision is to provide a reliable, dependable service that meets the needs of our diverse range of customers. In comparison to other companies within the waste transport industry, we are neither the largest nor the smallest. However, we are definitely small enough to know what it means to provide "old-fashioned service".

How do we keep our prices competitive?

We keep our prices competitive by putting QUALITY first on our list of priorities. The result is that we have longer-term relationships with our clients. They refer us other new business, which helps ensure that our business grows steadily. This steady growth allows us to keep our prices competitive while still generating the profits that we need to invest in people and technology. While there are dozens of companies that will seemingly do anything to win your business by being the "low-cost" service provider, our prices are always realistic from the very start. We never make promises based on prices that we cannot sustain. So called "low-balling" the initial price is bad for both our company and yours, so we just don't do it.

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Commitment To Service Quality

Quality is a very essential element to any business like ours where services must be delivered consistently day in and day out. We outfit our service team with the most advanced equipment that allows them to do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible. Because of these advancements, we can consistently be prompt, professional, and courteous. Every one of our clients is in a unique situation, and we take the time to work with you to ensure that we customize a program that fits your recycling and disposal needs. Whether your needs are large or small, we want to hear your ideas on how we can best service your business. We will use our 35 years of experience in the industry to compliment your ideas and devise a plan that works for all the parties involved.


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